The firm

Located in the immediate vicinity of the Eiffel Tower, SMSH law firm is a generalist and independent French firm that operates in the main areas of business law in France and abroad.
The firm provides legal assistance to clients in France or abroad for international issues related to French law, OHADA law and Gulf countries’ law.
Founded in January 2012, the firm also has a branch in Moroni, Comoros, and has established partnerships in Africa and in Gulf countries. SMSH assists French professionals abroad (VSBs, SMBs, start-ups, freelancers, etc.), especially in the Comoros, Africa and Gulf countries, and helps professionals in Africa and in Gulf countries to settle in France.
In addition to providing clients with highly technical legal expertise, the firm guarantees to work with open-mindedness and combativeness to come up with ingenious solutions that suit the clients’ needs.

Our offices


30 Avenue de la Bourdonnais
75007 Paris



Boulevard Karthala,
Hadoudja Moroni, Comores